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Madcap Digital Studio offers creative cinematic video shorts and photographic content that can be specifically used and shared on all social media platforms.

We also offer website development if so desired. Click here to view a website developed for one of our customers.


  • Travel
  • Automotive
  • Customer Requests


Image Editing

Thinking about spending some money on a modification for the ride but not sure if it is going to look right. Before you spend hard earned money on that modification, get a digital rendering of said modification. Madcap Digital Studio can help.

What about a colour change to the vehicle. Madcap Digital Studio can create an accurate, detailed digital image of that colour change.


Short Videos

  • One minute video shorts
  • Two minute video shorts
  • Three minute video shorts

Designed specifically for youtube and rendered in 1920x1080 HD quality with special effects if so required.

We take particular pride in our automotive event short videos covering cars&coffee meets, car show events, impromtu meetings and facebook group get-togethers.

Contact Madcap Digital Studio through our email madcap@mdsonline.ca and or our phone number at (519) 819 1972. We would consider it a privilege to help with and or discuss your digital ideas and requests.